The Healing Collective is a group of Angels, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters and other high level light beings who are dedicated to helping light-workers move forward on their path and live their life to the fullest. During this meditation, Angela will invite a member of the Healing Collective to speak directly thru her. The Healing Collective will then bring the group through a meditation. These meditations focus on helping the group let go of old and unneeded energy that is no longer needed, as well as bring in the new energy that is perfect for each individual in the session. These meditations are very much nights were major blocks and shifts happen for people, but they happen differently for each person in the group.

This event is at the amazing store The 9th Vibration in Guelph (

Location: The 9th Vibration – 6-497 Woolwich St, Guelph
Date: Tuesday February 9th
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Investment: $15

To reserve your spot visit the event page on Facebook (click here).