Just as a bit of a side note, this channeling on what is reality and how we create our own reality, is a big thing for the Healing Collective, and for me at this time. I have had various situations happen over the last couple of months to help me “learn” this concept. At first I didn’t even want to publish this channeling as I did not feel comfortable with the information, but I am learning and coming to an understanding now on this means.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me, and as stated below the Healing Collective loves to talk and help us, so reach out and see what they have to say to you 🙂

Love and light,
Angela Donnelly
Website: www.angeladonnelly.ca
The following is from the Healing Collective:

There are many different types of realities in this world. There is the 3d reality, the one that you live in and co-exist with with all the other people around you. There is also the spiritual reality, meaning the reality you believe in that exists that you can not see through your 3d eyes but you can see with all your other senses and just know to be there. This reality is shaped initially by those around you and through their experiences and through the religions/beliefs you grew up with.

As the saying goes, “Thoughts are things”, and what we think creates our reality. It creates our reality in the 3d world, as well as our spiritual world. For those that think that money is hard to get and “does not grow on trees” then their reality is that money is hard to come by and that is what happens in their life, they have a constant struggle with money. From a spiritual aspect, if you grew up in a religious setting that said that certain aspects of life are wrong, such as gay marriage, and women can’t be priests, then that is what you believe and you make these beliefs your reality.

In the past these beliefs had a stronger hold on you than they do now. The energy of earth is such, that people are being allowed to think for themselves. The very fact that you now have the internet and can see what is happening all around the world and be exposed to the beliefs all around the world has allowed you all to now be open to changing these set beliefs in a way that was not possible before. This in turn in reshaping your own reality in the 3d world, as well as in the spiritual life.

Now not all of these beliefs you have had int he past were negative, a lot of the time they were just different than others. There are those of you, like our channeler Angela, that believe that Angels exists and are here to help, and others that believe that while there is a creator energy we are all on our own here in the 3d world and we need to work thru life on our own. Is one reality more correct than the other, the answer is NO. You are creating the reality that works for you and is perfect for you, but as such the very fact that Angela believes in Angels and other light beings that will help her thru life has created that reality, were as the person that believes they are alone, creates and feels that as their reality in their everyday life.

So what does this mean… it means that you can create the reality that is perfect for you. Do you want money to flow easily, then by working to believe that is true, you create the reality that enforces that money flows easily and easily accessible. Do you want to believe that there are beings, such as Angels, that will help you energetically be happier and bring more fulfillment to your life, then start by creating that reality. You do not need to use the names that others have given these beings such as Angels, Ascended Masters and such. But if thoughts are things, and a lot of people believe in naming these beings Angels, then there is like you are accessing something that already exists and therefore is easier for the Universe to create. If you create a name such as “Quadars” for these beings, then these beings will be there to help, but they will not have the same energy behind them. Think of it as a new company selling cell phones in the world, while the new company may have just as good of phones it will be harder to find them and may not have all the features you are used to.

So how do you create your own reality, you start by figuring out what beliefs feel right for you to believe in. While you could set up the belief that you are a millionaire; if that is such an unbelievable concept to you, then this new belief will not work. As your emotions and entire being need to believe it is possible for this new belief to be true. So you may need to start with the belief that you are financially secure, then move to the belief that money flows into your life easily and work your way up to the truth, that in reality you can all be millionaires.

You are creating your own reality and by reading this you are starting to create the reality that the Healing Collective exists and is there to help. To continue this belief feel free to call on us to help you with any issues you may have in your life or to help shift you energetically to your truth.

In the end, your reality may not match another persons, and there is nothing wrong with that. We would like to create the reality that we are all connected and are all loved and are one. This is the truth for us the Healing Collective, will you make it your truth as well? Imagine what the world would be like if that is the truth. Do not worry that others do not believe this, the more people that do believe it the more the world will continue to shift into this reality.

With love
Healing Collective