The following was channeled on May 22, 2014. The group that was channeled was the Healing Collective. The Healing Collective is a group of Angels, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters and other light beings who focus on helping light-workers follow their path. I find that this group. While they do give information, they mostly focus on helping light-workers make energetic changes to help them move forward on their path. While you read this you are in a way calling on the Healing Collective. They will only do changes you agree to and that are for your highest and greatest good. You can always just state, in your minds eye, that you do not want any energy work at this time and they will always respect your wishes.

Let me know what your thoughts are and if you experience anything.

We have heard a lot of talk with light-workers this last month on what on earth is going on energy wise. A lot of you feel stuck and others are feeling overwhelmed. Of course there are others in between but at the moment we want to talk to the people that are in stasis and the others that are overwhelmed. Both have the same thing happening at their core, they are just dealing with it in different ways.

Angela has been in stasis for the past 8 months and this happened for her like other light workers as many changes have happened over the last couple of years. Think back to 2012 and 2013. What changes happened? Who passed away, who moved, who’s relationships started/ended, what other life altering decisions/changes were made So many changes happened and during this time you all went with the changes and survived as best as you can. All these changes happened for a reason. Even someone passing happened for a reason for you, not only happened for the one going back home to source. This persons passing forced some people to face unresolved issues with the person, forced the people to move on and find their inner strength or just helped by removing energy that was no longer needed. Its hard to understand sometimes, but sometimes the ones that love us are the ones that hold us back as well, not always on purpose but it does happen.

All these changes have affected you on a spiritual/physical/emotional level and most of you were not able to take the time to deal with it as there was so much going on. This time of stasis is a time for you to not move forward so all the changes could energetically catch up to you. Think of it as you at at the version 2.0 but you haven’t gone thru upgrades 1.5 – 1.9. This time of stasis is applying those upgrades so you can move forward to the new you. So while you feel like you are not doing anything, there is much happening in the background. You needed this time of rest, you are not lazy but rather honouring your self.

For those that are feeling overwhelmed, you too have gone thru major changes. But while those in stasis have let things slide such as certain friends, cleaning and extra curricular activities, those that are overwhelmed have continued to try and trudge thru everything. Sometimes this is necessary as you have family that depends on you. But we ask that you take time to just be. Time to sit quietly and do nothing. It will not benefit you to add any should’s to your long list of commitments such as adding meditation. But rather we ask you remove some of the should’s (vacuuming and dusting will be there another day 🙂 ) and instead spend time relaxing, even if it is with family. Whether its watching a good movie, reading a book or going for a short walk. It should be something YOU enjoy and something that allows you to escape for a while. You are always in control of your life, and you can survive as you are. Just know that the more you add on, it may cause this time to last a little longer as it is harder for all the past changes to integrate with you the more busy you are.

This time of integration is coming to a close and you will all see some forward movement toward the end of June. We would like to suggest to you all that you can call on us to help integrate all these new changes into your mind/body and soul. One way that is easy is right before bed ask us, the Healing Collective, to come and do what ever changes need to be done for your highest and greatest good, as you sleep. We find that it is easier to work on people when they sleep as they are not consciously fighting the changes that need to happen 🙂 Of course you can call on us anytime, including during meditation and we will come and help. Just ask that we make sure you are fully protected and grounded during these changes. (Angela here: when I do this my dreams can be very weird and very telling on what is being worked on so you may want to pay attention to them)

We are always here to help and you can always call on us at anytime.

Keep up the good work, you are all handling all these energetic changes both personal changes as well as the universal changes that are happening admirably.

Sending you all love.

The Healing Collective