The Healing Collective is a group of high level Angels, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters and other light beings that are here to help light workers move forward on their path to bring light and love into the world.  During this evening Angela will create a sacred space and ask the Healing Collective to join the group and speak thru her.  The Healing Collective will then guide the group thru the meditation while the group is encouraged to let the Healing Collective help them make the energetic changes they need to me.

This evening the Healing Collective will speak about “Living from within”. This means how to ensure you are getting everything you need from yourself. A lot of times we look for approval and acceptance from others, when we should receive it from within us. This session will also cover other tendencies we may have to go outside our selves for something such as using food or alcohol for comfort or for dealing with stress.

These evenings are a pay what you can evenings, with a suggested donation of $10.

The event is on Monday August 5th, at Angela’s house in Guelph.  Please contact her if you plan to attend.