I firmly believe everyone is psychic; they may just not know or believe that they are. In this course, we will explore different ways to connect with your inner psychic abilities.

Being psychic means that you have an understanding of a situation or thing that is outside the realm of scientific explanation. For instance, a mother that knows their child is not telling the truth, or a business person who knows how far they can push a deal, they are both using their psychic intuition to judge a situation. In this class we will review how to consciously connect to our higher selves, Guides, Arch Angels, God and Ascended Masters to help us on our journey. These beings can help give us additional information and they can help us in our lives as well, we just need to ask and listen for their response. In this class we will explore different psychic/intuitive methods such as using pendulums, oracle cards, auto-writing, meditating, and drawing. You will also learn how to ensure you are always getting information that is for your highest and greatest good.

Duration: Tuesday nights for 6 weeks
Date: May 28 – July 9th (There will be no class on June 25th)
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Location: 700 Paisley Road, Unit 28 in Guelph
Investment: $280 includes a manual and supplies