On January 20th, I did a Channeled Meditation with the Healing Collective at my home in Guelph.  In this meditaiton they helped us let go of all the last remnants of energy from the lessons we learned in the past and then they helped us bring in our divinity and truth so we can more easily move forward in 2016.

I have found that January was a month were I felt like I was being help back a bit.  Apparently 2015 was a year of changes, and decisions on what do we want to do next.  While we have made the decisions and made the changes, there is some of that old energy lingering that is affecting us from following thru with these changes in 2016.  That is where this meditation is helpful.

I did this meditation at my home and have cleaned it up as much as I could but there is the odd thing I could not fix as well as I like.  Mainly my furnace coming on about 16minutes into the meditation.  I have cleaned this as much as I could, so it does not sound so loud, but my voice got a little distorted.  Thanks for your understanding in advance, I have learned that my furnace should be off next time LOL!


Link to recording on SoundCloud can be found here