The following is a channeled message from a group called the Healing Collective. This group of Angels, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, and other light beings is here to help lightworkers follow their path to becoming their true self.

This was channeled on June 7th, 2012, a couple of days after the Venus Transit. This was a perfect time for this message as I know myself, my friends and my clients all felt like we were coming faced to faced with issues we needed to let go of during the past few days. I’ve been told by my guides that the Venus Transit was the ending of a cycle, and that the reason people were faced with issues as this were the old them. These issues need to be let go so the new them, and their new path could materialize and manifest.

Wishing you all love, joy and peace…


The following is what Angela said to prepare the group and herself for the channeling:

I ask God to please come in and surround us all with his yellow and white light. Please surround us with your protective energy, and please close any and all openings and portals and gateways so that it is only us within the room and those that you allow in.  I ask God to please send us a wave of peace, so that we can relax and calm down and let go of the worries of the day.

I ask that Mother Earth come in and surround us all with her loving arms and that she help ground any and all excess energy from today and ground it down, down, down into the ground …. down, down, down, … down, down, down… down into the middle of the earth where its transmuted into light and love.  I ask that the groups associated with the people here today, the guardians and the angelic and shamanic groups, please join us today to help with any and all information and energy that is going to be processed today.

I ask the specialized team of the Healing Collective that would like to join us today, you are welcome into our circle, and we thank you for all your help that will happen today. And I ask that the private channel between me and the Healing Collective be opened, and that I speak to only the highest level of energy being that can speak to us today about what we need to know. And I give you permission to speak through me now.

The following is from the Healing Collective as channelled by Angela:

My dear… you are all in an amazing spot in time. You are all at the beginning of one of the most amazing transitions in your lives. You all know, that this time is coming. You all know, that there are many things going on. But you all are wondering whether it is a hope or whether its truth. Your dreams are truth. They are meant to happen. But you have some resistance built up thru years and years of negativity from other people and negativity from yourselves. We are now, going …with your permission…, to clear any and all energy blocks. Think of seeing these black boxes within your hearts. They are the old parts, and ask them to be let go, with balloons, to God. Let go to God.

Break (1 minute)


You also have ties. Ties to people, but more importantly ties to things and to shoulds. The should “I should be doing this”, “I am only a good parent if I do this”, “I’m only a good daughter if I do this”, “I’m only a good husband/wife if I do this”. Those are not your truths. Those are the truths that have been hammered in, thru generation and generation in your family. You need to find your own truth. We are bringing these up, imagine seeing all these little balloons coming around you and ask yourself, is it time to let these go, so you can find your own truth. If so tie them together and push them up and see them go up, up, up ….up into the clouds … up, up, up. And of a sudden WHAM, a star hits them and the most amazing sparks fly, because these are very explosive thoughts. But that energy has transmuted them into light, into peaceful thoughts. And see them, but more importantly, all these new thoughts, all this new energy come in. Confidence, confidence in yourself. Confidence, confidence in where you stand in life. Confidence, confidence in where you are in your life. You are exactly where you need to be. There is no mistake about what has brought you here. There has never been a bad choice. You’ve made choices, you could have gone other ways. There has never been a bad choice. This thinking needs to go as it no longer serves you. And that is what we have done.

Break (1 minute)

As this this energy settles into yo u, feel your confidence rise, feel your joy rise, there’s lots of good things happening right in the here and now. And whats even more joyful is the things you want to happen are happening, maybe not on your time table, but they are happening.

To help bring in the energy and the situations you want in your life, we ask that you think about what would you ideally want. Think of it, think how it would feel. Picture it, picture it in your minds eye. And if you say I can’t picture it, imagine what it would be like. Just imagine how it would feel, how it would taste. What is it about you that you love about that time. We ask that you think about this for the next little bit, because as you think about it we are instilling that within you, and if you don’t know what that is yet, that’s fine. We ask you to just think about it and ask that we put this process on hold and we will do it at a later time. And please note, you can do this for as many things as you want. All you need to do is think about it, but try to sense it with every ounce of your ounce of your being, with all your senses. You are a sensual being, you are senses, that is what a human being is. The more that is put into it, the more that you feel, taste, see, touch, feel, the stronger that connection can be made, and the easier it is to bring into your life.

Break (1-3 minutes)

Now see that image, and we are surrounding it with light. We are putting it in its own little bubble, and we are taking that bubble and we are replicating it, time and time again as little mini bubbles. These are being instilled, in your energy bodies, in your physical bodies and everywhere within you. Welcome them. Love them. We are now sending you love and sen this part of you love and gratitude and thanks. Know that this is happening. Know that this is your truth. How it will be, that is not your problem, that is ours and your guides. It will happen step by step.

Break (1 minute)

To help you feel more balanced because this transit has actually unbalanced some people, because it is actually shifting to a new energy grid at this time. We are now getting the specialists to align your energy with the new energy grid. This will help you feel more in your body, or less “dazed” as Angela sometimes calls it. It will help you feel more in the now, and it will help you from being less impacted by other peoples energy, thoughts and feelings.

Break (1- 3 minutes)

We are now clearing your energies, but we are also sensing that there are others close to you and we are helping to clear those that you can request for, and that want to be cleared. In your mind ask and we will help.

This is a time of great confusion where people don’t even know why they’re angry. People don’t even know why they are feeling sad. This is the old and this clearing will help.

Break (1-3 minutes)

You are all old souls, you are all here, to accomplish something. Most of you have already accomplished it you just may not have actually seen the results. Keep on doing what you are doing what your doing. Just because you don’t see the results in the fashion you want to see them, does not mean they are not happening. Trust yourself. Trust your instincts. You know that when you listen to them you are always guided correctly.

We love you all, and that is not a platitude. You all have brightened the world in your own way. You have all helped to bring the world to where it is now, and that was no easy task for you. We are, as a final thank you, sending you love and you will see this within your life over the next week. It may be a dream, it may be an unexpected person coming into your life, it may be a rainbow. Just notice the love that’s around you.


The following was said by Angela to close off the channeling:

I ask that the channel between me and the Healing Collective be closed permanently. And I thank them for all their help today. I ask that they now leave, thank you. I thank all our groups for being here today, for all their help in helping us manifest the dreams that we want, and let go of the old us. We thank you all for your help. Thank you.

And last but not least we thank God and Mother Earth for their help today. Mother Earth I ask that you do one final grounding. Please take all excess energy that is in this room and within us and ground it down, down, down to the ground… down, down down… down, down, down… down into the middle of the earth where it is transmuted with light and love. God I ask you to surround us all in a golden wrap, to permanently seal in any and all changes that were done today, and to buffer us from the world that is outside.

I thank you all.