I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Mike “The Birdman” Dodd (@BirdmanDodd ) last week for the podcast This Week In Geek.  We talked about how I found out about my abilities and what I do, and I did a mini reading for him as well.

As discussed in the interview, when Mike asked me to be on the podcast I had to take sometime to think about it.  As I knew as this is not a normal Psychic event or channel, so therefore there would be skeptics, and to be honest I was not sure if that was something I wanted to deal with.  My question to the my team the Healing Collective was would the discussion be respectful and was it for my highest and greatest good to be a part of this.  If you listen to my interview, the interview was very respectful.

If you listen to the podcast after the interview you will see there are a couple of people that are part of the podcast that are skeptics.  While I disagree with what they say, I also believe they are entitled to their opinion and they have a right to discuss those views on their podcast.  What I liked was at the end of the discussion, everyone basically agreed that while they disagreed with each other, everyone was entitled to their belief.  To me, we need a lot more of that tolerance and respect in the world.  You don’t have to agree with me and my beliefs, and I don’t have to agree with yours, but we can move forward and onward and still respect each other.

So I am happy to be a part of this show and feel free to have a listen.  It is a geek/gaming podcast and one of the topics is Penis Soup (don’t ask LOL!), so if you want to skip right to the interview go to approximately 25:40.  Just note there is some swearing.  The link to the podcast is below:

This Week In Geek – Podcast Interview