My Energy Work

Energy Channeling Session

Angela uses ability to channel both information an energy to  help you speed up healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level so that you can fulfill your highest potential.  Angela channels the energy and information you need to heal yourself.

She connects to a group call the Healing Collective.  The Healing Collective is made up of  AngelsArch Angels, Mother Earth Energies, as well as Ascended Masters, Pleiadians, and Arcturians to provide you with the knowledge and energy you need at that time. Each session is different for each individual, as Angela pulls on her knowledge of channeling, energy work, crystals, meditation and hypnosis to help you let go of what is holding you back and bring in the energy you need into your life.

During a session you will be seated and having a conversation with Angela and the Healing Collective.  They will talk you through the energy processes that are happening.  You are your own healer in these sessions and you are fully supported and guided through the process.

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Angela is a Master Tarot Card Reader and Teacher, and does Spiritual/Angelic Channeling as well as Angelic Energy Therapy.

My main target area is Guelph, Kitchener / Waterloo and Cambridge (Ontario, Canada). But because of my email / phone / Skype / long distance work, I can work with anybody in North America!