The following is a channeled message from a group called the Healing Collective. This group of Angels, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, and other light beings is here to help lightworkers follow their path to becoming their true self.

The following was channeled on December 6th, and while I have other channelings from the Healing Collective to post as of yet, the Healing Collective really would like this one to get out there soon as there are a lot of people who are going thru massive changes, and they need to find peace in their lives. There have been a lot of events over the last few weeks that have caused people to move backwards into fear, including the loss of life as that happened in Connecticut last week. People start to fear that these things may happen to them. We are all here to live our lives and to learn and grow, and I won’t lie and say these things will never touch us as they may. But the fact of the matter is, we are here to LIVE! Being fearful of what may happen will in fact just cause you to not live, and not move on and not live your life. And in fact it will cause you not to be happy, and brings into your life more fear. That is exactly what the old energy on earth would like. These things are happening more and more frequently as the old energy is realizing that the new energy of love, compassion and unity is winning, and this old energy is doing everything it can to move us people into a state of fear, which in turn will move them out of the state of being their true selves, and out of the light.

This channeling from the Healing Collective is about helping the earth, and bringing us peace in our lives. That peace does not mean it will not be chaotic, and that there will not be hard times. It means that when we are at peace … we will be our true selves and therefore content and happy and able to deal with the issues from a position of love, not of fear. It very interesting to me that to find that peace we must not only be aligned and connected with God, but also with Mother Earth, and our highest highest selves. When we are equally connected and aligned with these three then we are balanced and at peace.

As always when you read this channeling take the time to ask that the Healing Collective to perform the energy work stated in this transcript, and be open for them to help you change and find peace in your life and in yourself.

Wishing you love, joy and peace…

Angela Donnelly

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The following is what Angela said to prepare the group and herself for the channeling:

I ask God, Mother Earth and whoever else is with us, and fully of the light, to please surround all those that are joining us tonight with Gold, White and Green light. This light… keeps us and our energy, solely with us. This energy is safe, sacred, and very healing.

I ask that all the people here tonight be connected and aligned fully with Mother Earth, God, their highest highest selves, and their truth, and their path. I ask that this be done now.

I ask that any and all portals, openings, gateways, doors or any other such device that allows anybody to listen in tonight, be permanently closed. Whatever happens here, in the here and now, happens solely between the participants, God, Mother Earth and the other beings of light invited in.

I thank you Ra for coming tonight, and helping remove all energy that is not necessary. I thank the Healing Collective for joining us tonight, as well as God and Mother Earth, who we are always thankful for.

Thank you to the Great White Brotherhood for coming, and for the Federation of Galaxies, for a lack of a better word, for coming. And for all other beings of light.

Note: I have to say … I have never called in the above two groups into my channelings, but there were a lot of beings that wanted to be there and needed to be there.

I ask that a channel between me and the Healing Collective be created, and that this connection be solely between us. I allow this connection to be used by the highest level of energy being in the Healing Collective that can speak to us tonight, on the topic of “Giving Peace a Chance”, or whatever else you need to speak about tonight.

I allow you to speak thru me now.

The following is from the Healing Collective as channeled by Angela:

Note: 5 Oms from low to higher notes were tonned by the Healing Collective, these Om’s are meant to clear the space and remove any unneeded energy.

We are so happy to be with you tonight, and we are so thankful for all our brothers and sisters for being here. This is a most momentous time. We are here helping bring peace, to the lives of those listening to this recording and in this room tonight. But we are also here to help bring peace to the earth and to bring calm to the earth. We have been waiting for the right time, the right energy, and the right people. We need all the light beings that are here, and we need your help. We need you to ask for our help. That is all we need. You are not to do, you are to ask. So… we humbly ask that you ask for our help to bring the needed energies to earth, the needed vibrations to earth, the needed frequencies to earth. Mother Earth is in charge of this, we are all here to help her and by helping her we help you.

This is purely for her, but is also purely for human kind. As by her getting the energy she needs and the help she needs, it will help you all break your dependencies that are not to her, but rather create new ones to her. I know this seems confusing and we are thinking of an analogy. Think of it as this, the fish in an aquarium are dependent on the water being around them, but they are also dependent on the people that feed the food, that clean the aquarium, and they are dependent on the rocks and the algae as well. By them depending strictly on the people and not on the algae, they could actually harm themselves if the people decide not to work, decide not to do what they need to do. Its about creating balance in life, and creating balance on earth. A lot of people are imbalanced, not balanced, because they are so dependent on themselves… they need to reconnect with Mother Earth. Then need her to have balance. People that are lightworkers, sometimes are imbalanced because they go strictly up to God and they ask him for everything, or their angels or their guides, or other light beings. And again its an imbalance, to get back in balance you must be connected to yourself, to Mother Earth and to God. The energy that we are sending, and we are doing it now (we thank you for asking us) is about re-balancing things. Re-balancing to the old times where Mother Earth was cherished, where people were connected in real life that connection with her, but also real life in the connection they have with themselves and their truth, as well as to God. As you are, is as the same as … as you are above, is as you are below. The missing statement, or the missing thing that people forget is that as you are. You are you in the here and now. You are you your highest self, in the heavens and at source. But you are you that earthly bound body that is connected to Mother Earth. You are all three… mind, body and spirit. You cannot remove one without throwing the other two off balance, and if you are not balanced, you are not aligned. If you are not aligned, you are not on your path.

We also want to help you, we need to remove all the energy of the old, all the energy that is not your truth, all the ties, all the blocks, that are not your truth. We will do this now.

Break 2 minutes

There are many ways you can follow your truth. There is not just one way. For those that wish to accelerate and take the fast track if you will… align yourself to God, Mother Earth, your highest highest self and your truth, every morning and ask for them to guide you to your truth. Be open my dears. If you feel fear, analyze it… is it yours? If not, encapsulate it and ask us to take it. Send it off to where it came from, it is not yours. If you are listening to this now it is because you are guided to move, to move forward…to be your truth… to be yourself, in whatever shape and form that is. We are accelerating your vibration. We are doing this to remove any lingering doubts, any lingering energy, and because you need it. Think of it as having a rubber band totally around you and anything that hits it bounces back and everything is just bouncing off you left and right.

You all, are so loved. And so generous both with your time and your energy in helping others. We ask that you let us help you. How you may ask? Ask us to send you a sign that you are on your path, that you are on your truth. Not just a sign, but show you a sign that helps you speed forth on that journey dramatically. You may not have the courage now, but you need to know you can ask. But when you ask beware that it will happen. It will happen on the timing that is right though not on your timing. It may happen in a hour, it may happen in a week or a month, just know that it will happen.

The Great White Brotherhood and the Federation of Galaxies are finishing up their work. They are creating a blanket of calmness. We are creating a blanket of calmness around you too. When you feel stressed, when you feel overwhelmed, pull this in and ask it to surround you.

Now… we are going to turn on your connection to God, Mother Earth, your highest highest self, your truth and your path. Feel how that feels. We want you, in your minds eye, to ask the questions you have, the questions you have been wondering about, about what has been happening recently in your life. Ask them and know that you are hearing the truth. Everybody will have their own and their answers will come.

Break 2 minutes

We thank you all, for listening to us today, and for doing the most generous deed of asking for help for Mother Earth, and for getting yourselves in balance. As balance and alignment are contagious. People feel that connection and energy and they ask to feel like that, and then they do… again they just have to ask. They may not know what they are asking for and that does not matter. But the more people that are aligned to God, and to Mother Earth, as well as to their truth and their highest highest selves… the better.

We send you off with a little tune:

Om ditty ditty ditty dum dum dum. Doe ditty ditty ditty dum dum dum. Oh ditty ditty ditty dum dum dum. Om ditty ditty ditty dum dum dum.

Note: I think they were having some fun there, but it also felt a bit like an alignment of sorts

We send you with love.

The following was said by Angela to close off the channeling:

I ask that the channel between me and the Healing Collective be permanently closed. I thank all those that came here tonight including Ra, the Great White Brotherhood, the Federation of Galaxies, the Healing Collective, Mother Earth and God.

I ask that our connections and alignment with Mother Earth, God, our highest highest selves and our truth be sealed as much as possible. And that any and all excess energy that is around us be either taken up or down this connection as appropriate so we are fully grounded and fully aligned and fully connected to our truth, our highest highest selves, Mother Earth and God.

Thank you