The following is a channelled message from a group called the Healing Collective. This group of Angels, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, and other light beings is here to help lightworkers follow their path to becoming their true self.

The following was channelled on August 2nd. I know that for myself I was getting many messages about Letting Go. For me this entails letting go of what was not working for me and trusting that everything would work out for the best. August was a tough month, at the time of this recording my mother was very sick, and work was very stressful on top of that, and it just seemed I was trudging thru life. After this session I found that while things did not change externally I easily made changes that helped me internally deal with what was going on around me. With the help of this Healing Collective, God and my guides I was able to let go, to let go of control of my mothers health situation, and just be with her during her last days here on earth. For that I am very grateful.

Wishing you love, joy and peace…

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The following is what Angela said to prepare the group and herself for the channelling:
I would like to call upon God to surround this room, and everyone in it with his golden, white light and his golden, white energy. We know that this energy is very protective and comforting, and will help keep it so that it is just the energy within us that we feel, and everybody is in their own little bubble, so nobody else’s energy will be affected by anybody else in the room.

I ask Mother Earth to please come and surround this room and ourselves with her loving arms. To help ground us, as well as ground all excess energy down, down down… down into the ground. Down, down down…down into her womb, where it is transmuted into light and love.

I ask everyone’s angelic team and shamanic team to join us to help guide any and all energy spirit and healing that is done today, and help each person understand what is being done for them today.

And finally I ask the Healing Collective. I ask those of the Healing Collective that should be here today to please come in to our circle. We thank you with our open arms, we thank you for your help, for your energy and for your guidance. And I ask that a private channel between me and the Healing Collective be opened. This channel is directed to the highest level of energy in the Healing Collective that can speak to us tonight, about what we all need to know in this group and I give you permission to speak through me now.

The following is from the Healing Collective as channelled by Angela:
We are thankful for you to be here tonight with us. We are now, sending energy to help release all toxins, both energetic and emotional, that need to go…. so that you… can fully …. hear what we are saying.

Picture waves upon waves of energy. Ask yourselves to let go of the old, and as the waves pass through you they carry the old away. By letting go of the old, you’re making room for the new that we are going to add later on.

Old… The old energy. You all have been immersed in it for most of your lives. This old energy has caused you, to not see your truth, to not be your truth. It has caused you to be scared, and we understand, because the truth is something totally different for each and everyone of you. But in the end the truth is what will make you happy, and blissful. But it seems so far out of reach, and for most of you it seems like its not attainable. Let go of that oooooold thinking.

You are starting to learn that the new energy, this new world, brings happiness. But it sometimes that happiness happens after a bit of chaos. Recognize the chaos for what it is, its only old energy leaving, the chaos will end sooner when you let it go. It doesn’t mean the situation will change, it means your reaction to the situation will change. In Angela’s instance she has no control over her mother, but she has control over what and how she deals with that situation.. She is in the midst of changing, changing it by realizing that taking a day off work will make her life hers again, and that is perfect for her. Everybody needs to handle it a different way.

What we want to do is help you first see your truth… but to see that truth we need to let go of the old. We have removed the debris of the old, the outside influences, but we want you to think hard for the next minute of the things you really want to change in your life. What you really want to let go, and what you really want to move towards. And please note, its fine if you don’t know what you are moving towards. It could be as simple as “I want to move towards being blissful, being my truth, being happy” we can all see what that would be. We ask, think about what you want to let go and if your unsure, the other thing you can ask is to let go of whatever you need to let go of for your highest and greatest good.

Takes a lot of courage to do that one, because sometimes what we need to let go of are the things that are most comforting. We encourage you to think about it, and again if you are unsure of doing that now ask us to keep that one on hold until you are ready.

Break (1 minute)

We are now ready to remove the old. We are going to now, with your permission, as you all have free will, remove the old cords, ties, bindings, all old contracts, agreements, vows. Vows that no longer serve us. Vows of chastity… vows of poverty… vows that we will never be in a certain situation again. Those are old you, old past lives, old that no longer serves you now.

Let them go. Picture all this energy going into the middle of the room where it is burned. A cleansing fire that removes all emotions that you have attached to these things, all energy that is attached to these things, and it sends back anything that was sent your way that is not yours.

We are removing all energy blocks. Blocks that were caused by these vows, agreements and cords. Blocks that are causing you discomfort, disease or dis-ease. Let it go. Think of the words “Let go, let God”. Let go of it and let God and the universe have it, its not helping you anymore.

It maybe a bit of a comfort, but instead see that above your head a shining light, positive light from the universe. This is the source of all love and energy and it is coming into your body. Hold onto that energy, feel that love passing down into you. Coming down your crown chakra, … down, down down to your third eye. Cleansing your third eye so your can see your truth. See the truth of what you need to be doing and help you be able to reach us so you can get the guidance you need. Feel it coming down, down to your throat chakra. Down so you can start feeling like you can speak your truth. We don’t mean speaking to others, we mean speaking to yourself. The ability to finally say I’ve had enough… I need help… I no longer want this… I no longer deserve this. Feel it go down, down down to your heart, where it cleanses all these emotions you have tied to it, tied to the past. It allows you to feel your truth, without all the anger, all the hurt. All the old habit energy…“Oh I love this”, do you?? Do you really? Or do you just find comfort in it? Speak your truth but remove the energy so you can speak your truth. By speaking your truth you are able to let it go.

It goes down, down down… down into your solar plexus, where it helps you enlighten and find the courage and the confidence to move forward. And the confidence that you can do this. You are not alone we are here, you have many people around you, many physical people, each and everyone of you, that can help you. You may not know it, but they are there. Feel it go down, down down to your sacral. Fell it cleanse your sacral… so you can feel and finally see the Goddess you are and the God you are. This simply means that each and everyone of you is divine, and if each and everyone of you is divine then that means you deserve all that comes with it. All the love, all the abundance, all the happiness, and all the bliss that comes with it.

Feel it go down, down, down to your root, where it helps remove all those fears, those anxieties, all that old stuff that just habit at this point. If you look around there are so many more people taking risks than there have in the past. The reason is that people are letting go of their fears and realizing they’re just habits that our parents have passed down to us, that our grandparents have passed down to us, that ancestors have passed down…down, down,down and it is time to stop, this is not yours. Not to say you will not have fear, and its not to say that at some point there should not be fear or anxiety. But its taking the majority of that energy away so that you can see it rationally, and see that that fear is okay. But it doesn’t have to hold you back and its not as huge as you have made it out to be. Or it has made itself to be.

Feel it spreading out, you’ve let go of the old and your body, your cells your DNA are being filled with this new energy of confidence. Each and everyone of yours angelic team is helping infuse your very core with the energy you need and diffusing the energy you don’t. We ask you to give approval, and we ask you to keep this in mind for the future if something is…. got too much emotion maybe you want to ask for help again on diffusing the emotions so you can see the truth. That’s all we are doing here. We are removing the old that you are ready to let go of and diffusing the emotions so you can let it go within your life.

We are also planting seeds. Seeds within each and everyone of you that will help and be spouted at the appropriate time for you to see what you need to do to move forward and what your truth is. We enjoy bringing synchronicity into your life. Ask for it, but when you ask pay attention we are sending you signs like you don’t know. How did Angela know how to talk to you about letting go its because she saw it about 10 different times before tonight 🙂 We try and we hammer and hammer it home, if something keeps popping up maybe you need to take a look at it.

We thank you all. We’re amazed at how much you have let go and we are always here to help. Always here to support. You do not need to hear us you just need to ask. Everybody gets there messages different ways. Whether you see something, whether you feel something, or you hear something, just ask and we will answer. If you don’t hear anything, just wait.

We thank you all, and we are sending you waves upon waves of love. And feel free to ask for the divine energy to be filled up within you when you need it. If you sit and feel it, it feels like your just relaxed and that is what it does. We thank you all and we send you with love.

The following was said by Angela to close off the channelling:
I ask that the channel between me and the Healing Collect be closed permanently. I thank the Healing Collective for coming and I ask them to leave once their changes are complete. I ask God to to please surround each and every person with his golden light. To permanently seal in any and all changes that have happened today as well as help buffer people from the energy of the world.

And I ask Mother Earth to please come and ground all excess energy from us, and bring it down, down, down… bringing all that excess energy from the top of our heads down to the tip of our toes. Bringing it down, down, down… down, down, down… down into the earth where it is transmuted to light and love.

And I thank all our angelic and shamanic teams for helping us today and I ask that you leave now. We thank you God, we thank you Mother Earth, we thank you Healing Collective as well as anyone else that helped us tonight.