The following is a channeled message from a group called the Healing Collective.  This group of Angels, Arch Angels, Ascended Masters, and other light beings is here to help light workers follow their path to becoming their true self.

The following was channeled on Thursday April 4th, 2013.  Usually the Healing Collective gives me a heads up on the information and the healing that will go on in a particular channeling But on this day they had not given me any information on what would be done.  I remember during the channeling I was surprised at how the Healing Collective really wanted to send energy to Mother Earth, and the energy that was sent felt really big for me.  I’m glad I was able to do this and have done a few more meditations with helping Mother Earth this month.  I am told that this energy helps balance Mother Earth in places that need it most.  When I asked more details of why the Healing Collective needed us to send this energy, they told me two reasons.  One, they needed us to ask then to help her, as there is always free will.  Secondly, by us asking Mother Earth and God to create a sacred space and by us holding it, the energy could could be embodied in this dimension, time and space a lot easier, ad therefore much more effective.  I have been called upon a couple of times to do similar meditations and hold space for Mother Earth this month, and boy does it seem like she needs it.  With all the flooding going on, never mind the bombing that happened in Boston and the fear that that has caused in the world, the energy of light and love is much needed.

In the channeling, the Healing Collective mentions that the energy that is being sent is zero point energy.  This energy sets everything back to its absolute truth.  This means for us this is removing any old energy or negative energy that is not aligned to our truth.  So by us conducting the energy for Mother Earth, we in turn get cleared.

In the second part of the meditation, the Healing Collective talk about the implant we have.  I have been told, we all come into this world with an energetic implant, which acts as a filter, or a type of program code.  This implant filters the world so that we see the world as we need to see it.  For instance, it makes sure we see time is linear,  and that we do not see or feel energy strongly (usually).  Also, the coding helps attract the lessons that our soul needs to learn in this life so it can grow and evolve.  Without this implant, it is hard for us to live in this world.  I feel that a lot of Autistic kids, are very much fully functioning mentally, but they are just overloaded with stimuli as they do not filter out 1/2 of what we do.  Now that we have become more enlightened and the world has evolved it is a perfect time for us to upgrade our implant and let some of those filters/coding go.

As you read this material please ask the Healing Collective, Mother Earth and God as well as the others to join you and bring you thru this same energetic channeling.  Take the time to feel the energy coming thru and give permission for the changes to happen to you as well as Mother Earth.  The Healing Collective was adamant that I needed to post this message now, as it will help a lot of people out there, and the more people sending love and allowing light to Mother Earth the better.

Wishing you love, joy and peace…
Angela Donnelly

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Please Note: While transcribing this message some words may have been altered slightly, to make the channeling more easy to understand.

The following is what Angela said to prepare the group and herself for the channeling:
I ask God and Mother Earth, to please surround all participants and this room in gold and white light. The protection around the room, protects everyone in the room and ensures that this is a sacred space.  The ones around each individual ensure that their energy is with them alone, and that no energy from other people will affect them.  I ask that any and all energy that needs to be removed from this room, and us be removed now.

I ask that any portals, openings, gateways, anything and everything that allows any energy to either seep in or seep out be permanently closed.

Mother Earth I ask that you please surround each of us with your energy and clear our grounding cords, as well as mend them, and bring any and all unneeded energy down, down down to the ground… down, down, down,… down into your womb where it is transmuted into light and love.  Leaving us feeling totally grounded and at peace.

God I ask that you please clear and align our connection to source.  Doing whatever needs to be done to us ensure that while we are fully connected and aligned to Mother Earth,    we are also fully connected and aligned to source.

I ask that the Healing Collective join us now.  We welcome the Healing Collective to make any preparations they need to make.  I also ask that Jesus and Mother Mary join us, as they have been requested by the Healing Collective to be here tonight.  Any others of pure light that are invited by the Healing Collective, God or Mother Earth are more than welcome to join us as well.

I ask the highest level of energy from the Healing Collective that can speak to us today to please join me.  Please make any vibrational changes you need to make and I give you permission to speak thru me now.

The following is from the Healing Collective as channeled by Angela:
Note: The first 3 words were said in a toning voice.  These tones help prepare the room and the participants for the information and energy that will be transmitted, ask that this same energy be sent to you and your space.
Weeeeeeeeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrreeeeee haaaaaaaaapppy to be here.

We are here today to help align our Mother Earth, she is a little out of balance with all this shifting going on.  She is having some troubles, becoming her truth.  We thank you for helping us.  What we need more than anything from all of you, is to help hold the space needed.  Think of yourself in your circle of gold and white light from Mother Earth and God.  Notice how you are totally connected and aligned to them both.  Like a beam of light comes straight from God, down into your bodies and then down into Mother Earth.  It is no surprise that this was done prior to this channeling and meditation.  As you hold the space, you will feel great energy going thru you.  The benefit is its taking the stuff that no longer is needed but more importantly, its is filling you with that point zero energy.  We would like to do this for 5 minutes.  What you will notice and what you are already feeling … is the legion of Angels around you.  We have prepared the space, as well as you, so there will be no major healing crisis.  This is about shifting and more importantly about sending love to Mother Earth.  There is no need to direct it, there is no need to do anything.  We ask that you look above you and watch as that energy comes down, down, down, down to you.  Filling your Crown Chakra, then your Third Eye, then your Throat, your Heart, your Solar Plexus, your Sacral, your Root, and down again. And if you look, it is like you are in a waterfall.  Pay attention to the difference in the energy as it leaves your body, compared to when it came in.  Do not be surprised if you see images in this energy.  You are calling your truth, this energy is direct from source.  Follow it.  You are free to ask questions, we would just ask that you give permission for this energy to flow.  We will come back in a few minutes.  Relax, and enjoy.

Break 5 minutes

We want you to think about your homes.  Mother Earth has given you a gift, if you think about your home, you will see that your homes are now encompassed in her energy.  This is her thank you.  This is your way of being able to have that sacred space at home, that sacred space to return too.  When you go home, just feel the difference.  Close your eyes now, and when you think about it you will feel the change.  Mother Earth left you a gift there as well.  (This is a gift you see in your minds eye).  It may be a box, it maybe a tree, it may be a box in a tree (Laughing).  Look around (in your minds eye) and see what she has left for you.  If you look she is there, and if you ask she will answer about what this gift means for you.

Break 2 minutes

Now, we the Healing Collective, would like to do a few things to help you move forward.  We feel we have aligned your Chakras when the energy was being sent down to Mother Earth.  We have also changed your implant.  Your implant being that energetic part of your brain that really is a filter to help you live in this world, this 3D world,  as if everyone were to see the world the way it is, no one would learn their lessons.  Think of it as this, you needed a certain filter for you to lessons you needed to learn already, but you have graduated from this.  You now are free to see the world in its truth, to see people in their truth.  You have control of this implant though.  You must know that you can call on us at anytime to tone anything down that you do not want.  Whether its images, dreams or whatever.  But know that we would not have done anything that you… that we… do not feel you are ready for.  You have all done your work, and it is time for you to see and hear and know your truth, and the truth that is out there.

We are now filling your energy field and the energy around, with light and love and the energy that is perfect for you.  Think of it as wrapping you in a cocoon of warmth.  But as we are doing this, we are working out a few of the energetic kinks for you.  Tweaking a meridian here, aligning you a bit more there.

Break 2 minutes

This time we are in is a time of great change, and as many have said on the various blogs, and such things you all read, it is a time of letting go of the old and stepping into the new.  But you all have done that.  This for you, is more of a meditation to help tweak and balance what you needed.  We thank you all for holding that space to give energy to Mother Earth.  She is eternally grateful, and you have made things easier for her, as well as others in the world.

We send you off with love and we thank you all.

The following was said by Angela to close off the channeling:
I thank the Healing Collective, Jesus, Mother Mary, and all those other light beings that were helping today.

I thank God and Mother Earth, for helping us align and connect directly to them.  We are blessed and we are honoured to have helped you Mother Earth, in any shifting you needed to do.  And we are blessed with your gifts and your help of protection of our homes.  Thank you.

Mother Earth, I ask that you to help ground us and ground any and all energy from us that we no longer need.  I ask that you grab this energy from the top of our heads and bring it down, down, down … down into the ground.  Letting it go down, down, down …  down into your womb where you can transform it to light and love.

God I ask you to fill us up with the energy and whatever else we need, we ask that you bring it down from the top of our heads, down to our feet, and just fill us up.  Thank you.

I ask that everyone that joined us that they can go now, and that any circles that were created be closed at this time.  Thank you.